Puneet Aggarwal

Products and Services

Company: Nirogam India

Industry: Ayurvedic Products and Services

Experience: 20 years

Key Markets: US, UK, India


Key Learnings:

  • For Puneet, implementing a robust hiring process gave him maximum benefits.
  • He used the power of video to filter and sieve the extraordinary people and quickly recruit them.
  • The techniques taught in the SWGB course helped him run a video campaign for recruitment successfully and also helped in the expansion of the team.


Biggest win:

  • Puneet is able to hire and onboard people through Facebook and LinkedIn, at under Rs. 9000 per hire.
  • During the lockdown, he went from 12 people to 28-strong and have successfully built up packaging, logistics, marketing, and technical teams.
  • For him recruiting has become faster, simpler, and effortless, thanks to the hiring and team building module of SWGB.