Linda Augustsson

Buying Agency

Name:                         Linda Augustsson

Company name:        Continuum Buying Agency

Industry:                    Fashion - design and sourcing solution provider

Main areas of focus:  Ladieswear, with the highest level of attention to details and a true “Made in India” product.

Key Learnings

  • For Linda, it’s a great eye-opener for what is actually getting done.
  • The right tools for monthly evaluations of team members and their performance level.
  • It brought awareness that everyone is seen and has a role to fill that matters.
  • The best hiring practices – the 60-second video approach. Time-efficient and far more accurate, no fuzz.

Biggest win Since Linda Joined GBA

  • Increased customer and sales despite Covid.
  • Consistency in all marketing channels; including social media, regular newsletters, webinars, etc.
  • Closed September and October bookings 45% up from comparable months last year.